CaliFino launches premium Tequila range

by Owen Bellwood

Tequila brand CaliFino has launched its range of blue agave spirits in San Diego, with plans to expand into further US markets.

The brand’s range includes reposado, añejo and an extra añejo expression, which has aged in toasted American oak barrels for eight years. The spirit is distilled from 100% blue weber agave in the Arandas Highlands in Jalisco and has fresh citrus flavours and hints of baked agave and vanilla. Founded by the Luna family, the idea for CaliFino Tequila came about in 1975, when Don Jose Luna would travel to the Arandas Highlands in Jalisco to buy Tequila that was not going to be sold under a label. This tradition carried through the family, until 2014 when the family asked the Tequileria to help them create a spirit they could sell themselves. Produced and bottled in small batches in Mexico, CaliFino Tequila features a "unique" bottle design that incorporates different coloured hand-tied rope to distinguish between each Tequila expression. Bottled at 40% abv, the three varieties carry an RRP of US$44.99 for reposado, US$64.99 for añejo and US$149.99 for the brand’s extra añejo bottling. CaliFino Tequila is now available from select retailers in San Diego with plans for future distribution expansion. Earlier this year, SB counted down the best value for money Tequila and mezcal expressions currently on the market.