Bullards Spirits unveils Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

by Annie Hayes

Independent gin company Bullards Spirits has launched its latest innovation, Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin.

The new expression from the Norwich-based brand is made using real strawberries, black pepper, cardamon and lemon peel, and is described as "sweet, fruity and slightly peppery". “People enjoy a long and refreshing drink in the summer, so we wanted to create something that could be served in a tall glass with fruit and ice. We recommend ice, strawberries, mint and a dash of tonic or lemonade,” said Russell Evans, co-founder of Bullards Spirits. “Our Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin taps into the growing demand for more innovative and experimental gins and gives consumers a new way to enjoy gin this summer. Plus, the strawberry is quintessentially British so it's a perfect fit.” The release follows the craft distillery's Norwich Hop Gin, distilled with seven different hop varieties from the US. Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin is available nationwide at the RRP of £40 a bottle.