BrewDog shakes up spirits range with new additions

Apr 3, 2019by Amy Hopkins

BrewDog Distilling has unveiled new brands of gin and vodka, a series of limited edition whiskies created to pair with craft beer, and a redesign of its Lone Wolf Gin bottle.

David Gates, managing director of BrewDog Distilling, told SB earlier this year that his team was planning to release a raft of new products. Bottled at 44% abv, Zealot’s Heart Gin is distilled in BrewDog’s triple bubble still and features juniper as its “beating heart”. Rogue Wave, a single malt vodka, is said to be inspired by BrewDog founder James Watt’s cousin, ‘one-armed Alex’, who “dived head first into life after the worst of days at sea”. Lone Wolf Gin, launched in 2015 as BrewDog’s inaugural spirit offering, has been given a bottle redesign that features a more detailed and colourful wolf image. At the same time, the firm has “brought brewing and distilling together” with the launch of three limited edition whiskies designed to pair with BrewDog beer. The Boilermaker Series is the result of a collaboration between BrewDog and Scotch blenders Compass Box and Duncan Taylor, and Dutch rye whisky maker Zuidam. BrewDog Distilling said it would be building its portfolio with “further new additions over the rest of 2019 and beyond”. New expressions will include a spiced rum and a “disruptive” Scotch whisky. The distiller creates its products “from grain to glass”, using the wash from its beer production to create both white and brown spirits. As such, BrewDog claims to create only “pure bloodline” spirits. When Gates joined the firm last year, he changed the name of BrewDog’s spirits operation from Lone Wolf to BrewDog Distilling, creating a “more synergistic approach” within the company.