Boutique-y launches scent-inspired gin range

Nov 22, 2018by Amy Hopkins

That Boutique-y Gin Company has channelled the aromas of fresh rain, forests, funfairs and even Egyptian mummies for its new perfume-inspired range.

Created in collaboration with sensory specialist Lizzie Ostrom of Odette Toilette, the Olfactor-y Gin range showcases the “evocative nature of scent”. Fresh Rain Gin is inspired by the science of petrichor – the pleasant smell of rain falling on dry soil – and includes beetroot and edible clay in its botanical recipe. Beware of the Woods Gin evokes forest scents with its use of Icelandic moss, nutmeg and cubeb. Inspired by a trip to the funfair, Big Dipper Gin aims to capture the “nostalgic smell of hot dogs stands, candy floss and oily rollercoasters” with its use of sweet cocoa, earthy cardamom and other “smoky” botanicals. Meanwhile, Dead King Gin, described as “incredibly complex”, features botanicals associated with the Egyptian embalming process, such as rosemary, honey, moss and myrrh. “The inspiration from this range came when I was listening to an interview with Lizzie on Radio 4 one morning,” said Ben Ellefsen, managing director of parent group Atom Brands. “We started talking and quickly realised that we shared a passion for gin, and the evocative nature of scent. The ideas tumbled out of the initial meeting and it became a real labour of love to develop recipes which not only taste delicious, but evoke a powerfully evocative olfactory response. “Working with Lizzie on this project has been a dream, and we can't wait for the follow-ups.” That Boutique-y Gin Company teamed up with artist Philippa Staunton to create a design for the range that uses synesthesia – a condition where the brain connects one sensory experience to another. The Olfactor-y Gin range is available exclusively in Harvey Nichols for £42 (US$55) per bottle until 22 December 2018. In October this year, Atom Brands extended its Boutique-y independent bottling unit with the launch of That Boutique-y Rum Company.