Bourbon aged in ex-ale casks launches in US

Aug 18, 2017by Melita Kiely

Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey Company has collaborated with craft brewer Revelry Brewing to create limited edition Electric Owl Bourbon, which has been matured in ex-ale barrels.

The barrels used to mature the Bourbon first held Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon in the US, before being filled with Wild Farmhouse Ale, and then whiskey. Electric Owl Bourbon is a nine-year-old sour mash whiskey, which is said to have flavours of tart cherry, a touch of salt and caramel tones. David Szlam, co-founder of Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey Co, which is based in Charleston, said: “Why source barrels from abroad when we have barrels in our back yard that provide notes of acidity and tannins that could be equally as good or even better. “What we learned when blending ingredients to test this first-time concoction of ingredients, is that the flavour contents from the barrel not only imparted a level of tannins and acidity that we loved, but that a slight saltiness was also imparted. This discovery has really excited us.” Furthermore, once Virgil Kaine had transferred its sour mash into the Revelry barrels, Revelry Brewing began aging its beer in the ex-sour mash barrels to create Revelry Brewing Scotch Ale. Ryan Coker of Revelry Brewing said: “The way the beverage industry has always worked together and paved the way for innovation is what we love most about our business. “We are equally excited to see what our sour beer barrels will do to complement the finely executed blending skills of the VK guys; what an awesome opportunity to work with some of the most creative folks in this industry.”