Bombay Sapphire debuts Premier Cru gin

by Kate Malczewski

Bacardi-owned Bombay Sapphire has created a new lemon-forward gin to highlight its sustainability efforts.

Each botanical in the new Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru Murcian Lemon is on track to being certified sustainable in 2021, following the certification of the botanicals in its flagship expression earlier this year. 'Premier cru', meaning 'first growth', is a term often used in French wine classification to indicate superior quality. Bombay Sapphire chose to use the term on its new expression to call attention to its 'carefully sourced' botanicals, particularly the lemons that serve as the heart of its flavour. The London Dry gin has been made with hand-picked and hand-peeled lemons from a single harvest in Murcia, Spain. Its botanical mix also includes mandarin and navel oranges, for a 'bittersweet yet balanced' flavour. Ivano Tonutti, Bombay Sapphire's master of botanicals, said: “I am delighted to showcase the work of our suppliers and farmers in Murcia, many of whom I’ve known personally for over 20 years, in a truly remarkable gin. Each lemon has been hand-picked at its ripest moment in small quantities during the late Fino harvest season, using skilful techniques passed down from generation to generation. "Murcian citrus is particularly special due to the exact region where it is grown. Sitting in a basin between mountain and sea, it is the perfect micro-climate for growing citrus that slowly ripens in the winter months for the best tasting fruit and impactful flavour.” Production was led by master distiller Dr Anne Brock at Laverstoke Mill, the brand's home in Hampshire, England. “I am incredibly proud of the meticulous processes used to produce Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru, from the skilled sourcing and preparation of botanicals to my role in carefully adapting every small batch of gin to bring out the nuances of the late harvest during distillation, amplifying the unique characteristics and finest flavours into a consistent flavour profile every year," Brock said. Sitting at a higher ABV of 47%, the gin is recommended for use in a variety of cocktails, including a classic Martini and a French 75. In March, Bombay Sapphire unveiled a sunset-inspired gin. For more on the brand's approach to creativity and consumer engagement, check out our interview with Natasha Curtin, Bombay Sapphire's global vice-president.