Bolney Wine Estate unveils inaugural gin

by Owen Bellwood

English winemaker Bolney Wine Estate has branched out into spirits for the first time with the launch of Bolney Estate Gin.

The Sussex-based winery has been growing grapes and making wine in the UK since 1972. Its new gin uses a portion of spirit distilled from fermented grape juice that is “too phenolic to produce wine”. The botanicals used in Bolney Estate Gin include hawthorn leaves from the Estate’s vineyard hedgerows, as well as juniper, bay leaf, caraway, cubeb, lemon peel, grain of paradise, fennel and coriander seed. The new gin is said to have "an earthy, floral depth and a spiciness on the nose", which the brand says gives "a natural zing to a G&T". Sam Linter, managing director and head winemaker at Bolney Wine Estate, said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of our first gin, having mastered wine making we thought it was time we ventured into gin. “The Bolney Estate Gin has all the attributes to be a huge success, there is a subtlety of flavour which has surprised and delighted all that have tasted the gin so far. Unique and delicious, a fantastic new addition to the Bolney Wine Estate family.” Bottled at 40% ABV, Bolney Estate Gin is available to purchase from the Bolney Wine Estate's website for £35 (US$45) per 700ml bottle. Last year, the English wine producer moved into the vermouth category with the launch of Bolney’s Rosso Vermouth.