Bloody Drinks creates RTD Bloody Mary range

by Owen Bellwood

London-based company Bloody Drinks has launched a range of canned ready-to-drink (RTD) Bloody Mary cocktails in the UK.

Initially launching with its classic Bloody Mary, the Bloody Classic is made with vodka, cream Sherry, tomatoes, lemon, Worcestershire Sauce, soy sauce, pickle juice and hot sauce. It is then canned for “freshness, convenience and sustainability”. Founded by Harry Farnham and Will Best in 2018, Bloody Drinks will also add the Bloody Samurai, a Japanese twist on the Bloody Mary made with saké and wasabi, and an alcohol-free Virgin Mary to its range in the coming months. Farnham said: “Will and I are old friends who arguably love Bloody Marys too bloody much. We were frustrated by the inconsistency in quality of serve from one venue to another, and so decided to create a premium, canned Bloody Mary to address this. “Our range hasn’t been designed by committee. We have spent the last year fine-tuning the recipe to create something that we love and that really demonstrates what a beautifully rich and complex drink the Bloody Mary can be. Canning was an obvious choice for us to not only ensure quality and convenience, but also ensure that the brand was as sustainable as possible.” Bloody Drinks launched to make “the complex cocktail easy to enjoy at home or on the go”. Canning its drinks protects the pre-mixed cocktail from sunlight and oxygen, ensuring that the drink stays fresh and remains consistent. Canned with an abv of 6.3%, Bloody Drinks’ Bloody Classic is available to buy in 250ml cans with an RRP of £3.99 (US$5) in the off-trade and £6.99 (US$8.70) in the on-trade.