Black Cow launches ‘more easily recycled’ bottle

by Owen Bellwood

Vodka producer Black Cow has made its bottle easier to recycle as it brings every element of production to the UK.

The new UK-produced Black Cow vodka bottle remains “smooth and rounded”, while a taller shape is said to offer an “elegant finish to elevate visibility”. On the face of the bottle, the brand’s 'BC' badge has been enlarged but retains the typography inspired by traditional branding irons that were used to identify cattle. The bottle also features ‘Pure Milk Vodka Ltd' in de-bossed lettering around the top. Produced by Yorkshire-based Allied Glass, which was chosen to support UK businesses and lower the carbon footprint of Black Cow’s production, the new bottle incorporates a metal pilfer-proof cap, which allows for the entire bottle to be recycled easily and reduces the need for a plastic security cover. Paul Archard, co-founder of Black Cow, said: “Bringing all aspects of Black Cow’s production to the UK is a huge step for us, and one we’re really proud of, so that we can support UK trade in everything we do. We really feel that the changes to our bottle will represent us even better.” Alongside the launch of the new bottle, Black Cow has lowered its price point after achieving “considerable cost of goods savings”. As a result, Black Cow will now be priced at £25 (US$33) in the UK off-trade.