Bimber Distillery launches English Barley Vodka

Jul 18, 2017by Melita Kiely

London-based producer Bimber Distillery has released a small-batch, triple-distilled vodka made with English barley.

Bimber Distillery English Barley Vodka is distilled three times in the producer’s copper column still before being bottled at 40% abv. It has an RRP of £35 and is available from the Bimber Distillery website. On the nose, the vodka is described as having hints of barley sugar and nutty cereals, leading to lemongrass and a touch of sweetness on the palate. The finish is said to be soft and creamy, with honey and citrus flavours coming through. Bimber Distillery has been distilling spirits since 2015 and has already released a London Dry gin, as well as oak-aged and fruit-infused vodkas. The distillery plans on releasing its first single malt whisky in 2019.