Beveland restyles BV Land liqueurs

by Alice Brooker

Spanish drinks group Beveland Distillers has introduced a new design for its portfolio of BV Land liqueurs.

The makeover for BV Land’s bottlings has been applied to all 32 flavours of Beveland's liqueur range.  The signature bottle has received a label refresh, and features front and side engraving with a long neck to enable the easy pouring of cocktails. The range comprises ‘sweet’ tasting liqueurs, which are balanced out with the ‘acidity’ of the fruit used to produce them. Flavours across the collection include peach, watermelon, strawberry, blue curaçao and banana. Earlier this year, Beveland Distillers launched its citrus-flavoured Jodhpur Mandore gin, which is made from macerations of Indian fruits. Girona-based Beveland Distillers, part of the Masoliver Group, features a portfolio of spirits including the BV Land line, five gins, four whiskies, and seven rums.