Berry Bros unveils The Perspective Series

Mar 15, 2019by Melita Kiely

Wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros & Rudd has partnered with photographer Lindsay Robertson to launch four limited edition Scotch whiskies to kick-start its new Perspective Series.

The Perspective Series comprises a selection of aged blended Scotch whiskies, created by master blender Doug McIvor. The bottles feature photography by Robertson that depict dramatic Scottish landscapes. Each image was chosen to emulate the whisky inside the bottle. McIvor said: “The Perspective Series is all about the use of our senses. Absorbing the spectacular images on the label whilst taking a sip of the amber dew provides a powerful combination that can amplify and instil joyful memories of a time and a place. “Visual beauty is emotive and I look for balance and complexity, maturity and texture in the whisky. “It is the task of the blender to bring all these elements together to create extraordinary landscapes of aroma and flavour.” The youngest whisky in the range is a 21-year-old blend, bottled at 43% abv and priced at RRP £89. A total of 6,300 bottles have been created, each with a snap of Sandwood Bay on the label. Tasting notes include “vibrant fruit” and “delicate oak and spice”, combined with vanilla and honey. A total of 3,220 bottles of the 25-year-old blend have been created, with an abv of 43% and priced at RRP £145. An image of The Cuillins adorns the bottle, while the liquid is described as offering notes of autumnal fruit and fresh citrus with honey and spice. The palate is said to be “full, viscous, fresh and lively”. Robertson captured Rannoch Moor to decorate the 35-year-old’s bottle, of which 1,200 bottles have been created. With an abv of 43%, the whisky has an RRP of £250. Notes of fruit and malt are rounded by a “lively crispness” from the grain, with flavours of candied fruit, honey and oak on the palate. Completing the first limited edition series are just 120 bottles of a 40-year-old whisky, whose label portrays Buachaille Etive Mòr. Bottled at 40.1% abv, this whisky has been priced at £450 and is described as having flavours of ripe tropical fruit, vanilla, coffee beans, spice and peat. “Photography is to see,” added Robertson. “The art of being aware of our natural surroundings which are the raw ingredients to compose the image – that image is then captured within a moment in time. “Whisky is similar in that it is the taste which is the art, using the same raw natural ingredients, composing and distilling these ingredients in time, then patiently awaiting the day of maturity with anticipation.” Going forwards, each range within The Perspective Series will feature a minimum of three whiskies and a different photographer will be assigned to capture each collection.