Belsazar launches Riesling-based vermouth

Oct 17, 2017by Amy Hopkins

German vermouth brand Belsazar has launched a special edition created using Riesling and dried pineapple.

The Belsazar team worked with winery Dr. Loosen to create the Riesling-based edition, which also contains dried pineapple, grapefruit and peppermint. “The idea of creating a Riesling Edition with a well-known winemaker has been a long time in our minds,” said Maximillian Wagner, who co-founded Belsazar with Sebastian Brack in 2014. “With Ernst Loosen we have found a coryphae of the Riesling as a partner. His winery stands for high-quality German wines, which are also internationally known and which have made our Belsazar Riesling as a very special product.” Just 4,000 bottles of Belsazar Riesling Edition (16% abv) have been released with an RRP of €24.90. The product was first unveiled last week at bar and beverage show Bar Convent Berlin. Belsazar Riesling Edition is the second limited edition launch from Belsazar, following Belsazar Vintage Rose two years ago.