Bardstown Bourbon Co plays with Armagnac cask-finishing

Apr 15, 2020by Melita Kiely

Kentucky-based Bardstown Bourbon Company has created an Armagnac cask-finished whiskey as part of its Collaborative Series.

Bardstown Bourbon Company partnered with French Armagnac house Château de Laubade to create the new release, which will be available to purchase from 1 May. To create its latest release, Bardstown Bourbon Company took 12-year-old Indiana Bourbon and finished the whiskey in Armagnac barrels for 18 months. Dan Callaway, Bardstown Bourbon Company vice president of hospitality and education, said: “This unique, limited collaboration has a striking burst of white flowers and bright citrus that blend beautifully with classic aged Bourbon. “On the palate, rich apricot with honey, espresso and cinnamon spice combine to create a layered and appealing flavour. A sublime, balanced finish quickly becomes the star of this transatlantic partnership.” Bardstown Bourbon Company Château de Laubade has been bottled at 59.2% ABV and will retail for US$124.99 per 750ml. Denis Lesgourgues, Château de Laubade director general, said: “The science of wood is a prime element for ageing the greatest Armagnacs, and Laubade pays meticulous attention to selecting the local Gascony ‘black’ oak trees for its barrels. “By using high quality barrels that have contained the finest Armagnacs, we knew that it would result in a fantastic Bourbon expression. Through this collaboration with expert professionals in Kentucky, we are adding a new dimension to our quest for innovation.” Bardstown Bourbon Company appointed a new CEO last year, Mark Erwin.