Australian Distilling Co unveils navy strength gin

by Alice Brooker

Gin producer Australian Distilling Co has added a navy strength variant to its portfolio.

With notes of 'woody spice' and 'earthy oak', Australian Distilling Co's latest launch is bottled at 57% ABV, making it the strongest expression to be released by the producer. The latest navy strength expression joins the producer's portfolio of gins, including Australian Distilling Co Gin, Shiraz Gin, and Rhapsody Ruby Gin. Founder Michael Hickinbotham said: “Our new Navy Gin is crafted with a nod to the colourful history of overproof gins from times gone by, when the British Royal Navy would allocate rations of spirits to their sailors, who would test its strength by dousing it with gunpowder to see if it would light." The company recommend pairing the spirit with Mediterranean tonic water and a cucumber garnish to balance the gin's heat. The new expression can be purchased for AU$94.99 (US$71.25) from The producer recently opened a site in Adelaide, the first of a number of new distilleries planned for cities across the country.