Audemus Spirits launches three new products

by Amy Hopkins

French distillery Audemus has extended its range with the launch of Pink Pepper Dry Gin, Bergamot Gin Liqueur and a new waste-free gift package that transforms into a cocktail book.

Cognac-based Audemus launched its inaugural products – Pink Pepper Gin and Umami Spirit – in 2014. Pink Pepper Dry Gin is said to be a “crisp” companion to its predecessor, and is much drier due to the removal of vanilla and tonka bean. The new iteration contains juniper, pink peppercorn, honey, cardamom and two “secret ingredients”. Each botanical is macerated and distilled separately in a vacuum still before being blended together and filtered. Bergamot Gin Liqueur has been launched as a limited edition. Its ingredients include juniper, Calabrian bergamot orange and lemon, with a “touch” of Armagnac eau-de-vie used to create “added warmth and body”. The Audemus team worked with artist Alma Haser, graphic designer Emily Macaulay and cardboard engineer Pureprint to create the new gift box for Pink Pepper Gin. The inner box of the package can be folded out and refolded to form six pages showcasing a selection of cocktails and a guide on how to create the “perfect” gin and tonic. The outer box can be folded to form a ‘hardback’ cover. The packaging is made from sustainably sourced and recyclable material, and uses vegetable-based inks. Volume two of the packaging series will be launched in 2020. All of the new Audemus products will launch in Selfridges this week, and are being imported by Enotria & Coe.