Atlantic Distillery launches two vodkas

by Owen Bellwood

Cornish organic distillery Atlantic has expanded its range with the launch of two vodkas – Dowr and Wolf of the Woods.

The two vodkas have been created by distillers Stuart Thomson and David Carbis as a "grown-up" alternative to gin. Dowr is an un-flavoured organic vodka and Wolf of the Woods has been infused with hops, rosemary and thyme. Thomson said: "Some of our own staff feel a bit left out of the current gin explosion as they just can’t drink gin. "Personally, I’ve always enjoyed vodka but its subtlety tends to get lost with mixers, and I find the flavoured variations on offer too sickly sweet, or simply not very refreshing. We wanted to make a more 'grown-up' alternative." Wolf of the Woods is described as "wonderfully refreshing", while Dowr is said to be a "bright, beautifully smooth vodka". Carbis said: “We’re passionate about bringing organically and locally grown ingredients into all our drinks. “Having made what we think is a really special double-distilled vodka, we were keen to see what herbal notes it could support.” Each expression is suggested served in a short tumbler with a few cubes of ice, a shot of vodka and a shot of either soda or tonic.