Arbikie releases Strawberry Vodka 2017 vintage

Nov 17, 2017by Amy Hopkins

Single estate Scottish distillery Arbikie has launched the 2017 vintage of its terroir-focused Strawberry Vodka, distilled using fresh strawberries and estate-grown zulu wheat.

According to Arbikie, each release has its own unique vintage, as “no two crops of strawberries are the same”. “We were keen to create a unique a vodka using fresh strawberries and wheat grown on the farms to make the vodka that provides distinctive notes of butterscotch and biscuit characteristics,” said Christian Perez-Solar, distiller for Arbikie. “At 50% abv, not only do you get a great base spirit for cocktails but an incredibly smooth and fresh tasting vodka.” Just 2,500 bottles of Arbikie Strawberry Vodka 2017 have been released with an RRP of £45 (US$59). Arbikie Highland Estate is a ‘farm to bottle distillery’, sourcing all base ingredients for its spirits from its 2,000-acre farm on the east coast of Scotland. The company’s single estate Scotch whisky is currently maturing. Last month, Arbikie unveiled Haar Vodka, which is also distilled from its zulu wheat crop.