Amorim Top Series taps into ‘sensory experience’ with new range

by admin

Amorim Top Series has released a new range of stoppers aimed at “enhancing the customer’s sensory experience” through features such as LED lights and heat sensitivity.

Amorim Top Series has launched three new ranges: Sense Tops, Ambiance Series and Evolutive Series. The new stoppers highlight the “importance of the five human senses” and are “complemented by the sixth sense of expertise, know-how and total customisation”. Amorim Top Series says that sensory factors “play a key role in consumer choices” with more businesses “increasingly investing in sensory marketing”. The Sense Tops series is said to offer an “aromatic experience even before opening the bottle”. These stoppers provide notes such as fruit, spice, chocolate, coffee and vanilla. The range also comes in a number of colours and artworks. Alternatively, the varnish of the stopper can come with a micro-capsule, enabling the fragrance to be released when the surfaced is rubbed. A top-up spray is also available. The new Ambiance Series incorporates LED technology in two forms: enabling the light to be switched on and off remotely, or incorporating an on/off switch, that is triggered by rotating the top. This range allows consumers to create “unusual ambient settings”, according to Amorim. Meanwhile, the Evolutive Series features heat-sensitive stoppers that “offers multiple solutions”. For example, the stopper can indicate when a spirit has reached the right temperature for consumption, or when the drink has been exposed to high temperature that could lead to permanent colour change. The range incorporates the use of thermochromic paints to enable the heat sensitivity function. Amorim Top Series will continue to release new products “in the near future”.