Amaro brand launches RTD St Agrestis Negroni

May 24, 2018by Melita Kiely

Brooklyn-based amaro producer St Agrestis has created a ready-to-drink (RTD) bottled Negroni and will launch its own bitters later this year.

The RTD will be available from New York alcohol retail stores and throughout the US online via at an RRP of US$24.99 per pack of four 100ml bottles. St Agrestis Negroni is made from St Agrestis Inferno Bitters, a red Torino-style vermouth (also created by St Agrestis) and Greenhook American Dry Gin. The St Agrestis Inferno Bitters is made from a blend of 20 herbs and spices to create a floral, bitter, citrus flavour, and will be available towards the end of 2018. Louis Catizone, St Agrestis owner, said: “Making a cocktail bar-quality Negroni at home is not as simple as it sounds. “Plus, unless you have one or two of the components already at home, it’s an expensive proposition. “Our bottled Negroni is not just a ready-to-drink Negroni, it is a world-class Negroni in the ideal serve that you can take on the go.”