Adnams debuts gin for low-strength serves

by Alice Brooker

Suffolk-based distillery Adnams has unveiled a high-ABV gin to craft low-alcohol serves with a 2.5ml measure.

Smidgin clocks in at 50% ABV, and is a gin intended to be served in low doses as to create a lower-ABV drink with an intense flavour. The bottle is packaged with a 2.5ml copper spoon to allow drinkers to measure the spirit. John McCarthy, head distiller at Adnams, said: “The team and I are very excited about Smidgin. It is a new concept for us at Adnams but one we feel is bound to be a hit. "The number of botanicals in the gin means that the quality and flavour is not compromised in this low-strength serve – something our customers are always on the lookout for. "The trend for low/no is here to stay so we must continue to look for ways to build on quality choices for our loyal customers.” The brand claims that when consumers use the spoon to measure gin for their drinks, there are 80 servings in each bottle. Smidgin is crafted using a distillery wash of 100% East Anglican malted barley, and is distilled into vodka before being redistilled with increased intensity. Ingredients of juniper, sweet orange peel, hibiscus flower, coriander seed, pods and orris root are used to create the liquid. The citrus notes are bolstered by flavours of zest, and balanced by sweet, floral notes of cardamom. The distiller recommends a 2.5ml measure of Smidgin served with 200ml tonic water over ice, and a garnish of orange zest. The 200ml bottle is available to buy for RRP £26 (US$35.21). London distiller Hayman's also tapped into the lower-alcohol trend in 2019 with the release of a 'groundbreaking' gin that is recommended served in 5ml measures to create a gin and tonic. In 2018, Adnams entered the ever-growing pink gin market with its Copper House Pink Gin expression.