503 Distilling releases first canned cocktail

by Melita Kiely

US distillery 503 Distilling is hoping to open up the canned cocktail market in Oregon with the launch of its first pre-mixed drink: The Wicked Mule.

Launched under 503 Cocktails, a division of 503 Distilling, The Wicked Mule canned cocktail is made using vodka, real ginger, candy sugar, soda water and a hint of lime. It is available now in Portland and will be rolled out across Oregon in due course. “We felt that while liquor stores in Oregon have in the past been relatively featureless retail outlets, the new emphasis of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission on creating novel retail outlets would allow new products such as canned cocktails to thrive,” said Dave Schleef, 503 Distilling co-founder. “The Wicked Mule is our first attempt at potentially opening up a new beverage category here in Oregon that previously was non-existent.”