Treaty Oak

Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon Whiskey


Transparency is our truth and we’re proud to say Red Handed Bourbon and Red Handed Rye are blends. Proud because the way we blend and finish them embodies everything Treaty Oak is about, a meeting of tradition and innovation. Red Handed Bourbon is a thoughtfully curated blend of our favorite distilleries in Kentucky and Virginia. 

Treaty Oak Distillery is named after the famous 500-year old tree in Austin, under which Stephen F. Austin signed agreements defining the borders of Texas. Our gins are called Waterloo, after the original name of Austin. We moved to Dripping Springs, a place with a rich history of gatherings and shared perspectives.

In 2016, Daniel headed the expansion of Treaty Oak by moving to the 28-acre property in Dripping Springs, Texas, that is now open to the public for food and beverage service, as well live music, a ground breaking Cocktail Lab, and room for the ever expanding whiskey and gin production.

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