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Pierde Almas

Pierde Almas Mezcal Joven Wild Tepextate


Pierde Almas Tepextate is made by Maestros Mezcaleros, Gregorio Velasco and Rodolfo Hernandez. This Mezcal is made fromade 100% wild agave Tepextate, which takes up to 25 years to mature. The ABV of 55% is the highest allowed in Mexico. This Mezcal is extraordinarily complex with flavors of chocolate, bananas and pumpkin pie. There is a long viscous finish that is driven by high alcohol content.

Pierde Almas Mezcal

Behind each bottle of Pierde Almas is a time-honored recipe kept alive with painstaking care by the family patriarch in each successive generation. Their labels are hand-printed on 100% acid-free, handmade paper derived from fibers that are indigenous to the region and have been in use since pre-Columbian times. With their Wild Agave Reforestation Program, they are actively engaged in the re-forestation of wild species of Agave in those areas where their populations have been depleted. Pierde Almas begins each rainy season by inviting bartenders, chefs, restauranteurs, and journalists to join them for their annual wild Tobalá

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