Destillare Intense Chocolat Liqueur


 Destillaré Intense Chocolat Liqueur is handcrafted from pure copper-pot-distilled American brandy that is married with Caribbean cacao nibs and honey. Diluted to proof using distilled water and matured in ex-bourbon oak barrels, this non-chill-filtered, brandy-based liquor offers intense aromas of dark chocolate mixed with lighter aromas of luscious toffee, vanilla, coffee, and tropical florals. Each sip of this smooth chocolate liqueur is lightly viscous and earthy, balanced with infused honey sweetness and a faint dark chocolate bitterness on the backend. Extended barrel maceration of the real chocolate cacao nibs used to make this craft liqueur releases cocoa butter, which may leave a natural sheen or slight "truffle" in the bottle, so shake the liquor bottle well before serving. With no added cream, glycerin, artificial chocolate flavors, or neutral spirits, this 90 proof brandy alcohol is dark chocolate from the tip of the tongue to the back of the throat; it's luscious and rich with a lingering, velvety finish. Add balance, flavor intensity, and natural complexity to inventive cocktails with this artisanal brandy, perfect for enjoying in a Brandy Alexander cocktail, Alejandro Chocolat, Dark Sidecar, and other brandy cocktails.  

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