De Montal

De Montal VS Armagnac


The delicacy of the aromas of this young Armagnac is exceptional.
Its deep yellow colour is characteristic of its young age and the strength of its character. A wonderful starter Armagnac with quality and value.

The Chateau de Rieutort, where De Montal Armagnacs are produced, is located in the very heart of Gascony, a mere few miles from its capital, Auch. A true mousquetaire at heart, Olivier de Montal is so keen to do justice to the image of Armagnac he personally selects the blends that bear his name.

In Gascony, where De Montals Armagnacs have their origins, time slowly does its work.

Its vineyards bear the fruit of an ancestral know-how that takes it through the moment of distillation to the miracle of its aging process in the secret of his cellars. De Montal Armagnacs exude the incomparable savours of the soil that bore its vines.

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