Bittermens DALA Spirits Bäska Snaps Med Malört


Throughout Scandinavia, it’s tradition to take high proof aquavit and infuse it with bitter herbs to drink during the holidays and the long, cold winter that follows. These “besk snaps” are served cold to family and visitors who need a bracing, bitter eye-opener.

Though every home seems to have its own recipe for making bitter schnapps, EU restrictions on using wormwood in commercial spirits has left only a few distilleries producing this fine beverage.

Determined to keep the tradition alive, Bittermens formulated a classic bitter schnapps by first creating an aquavit with flavors of caraway and infusing it with licorice, citrus and other herbs. It is then blended with a touch of sugar and combined with a wormwood distillate produced by one of the oldest distilleries in Pontalier, France.

Bittermens was the first independent producer of cocktail bitters in America to be licensed after Prohibition. Since 2007, Avery and Janet Glasser have been formulating cocktail bitters, growing Bittermens into one of the largest hand-produced brands of cocktail bitters in the world.

In 2012, Avery and Janet took on another project – creating a Nordic-style Bitter Schnapps. This new formulation, which is now known as Bäska Snaps, was launched during the fall of that year in Sweden and is now available throughout the United States and Europe.

The Nordic flavor profile is profoundly different from that of southern Europe, making use of wormwood, dill, caraway, licorice and unique flavorings like sal ammoniac. Exploring those flavors, the Glassers decided to build a small offering of unique Nordic inspired spirits. As a collection, these are now called DALA Spirits, named after Swedish folk-legends of the Dala Horse.

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