Buddha Zen

Buddha Zen Vodka


Buddha Zen Vodka with Lotus Root & Rice Spirits is distilled and crafted by hand, in small batches in Japan.  The distillation of the root of the lotus flower is blended with rice spirits and pure vodka then filtered through large Zen stones which received a purification ritual and blessing by a Buddhist Monk in Kamakura, Japan, the home of The Great Buddha.  Bottled in an exquisite glass vessel designed in the shape of Buddha’s head, Buddha Zen Vodka is delicious consumed neat or with a splash of water to bring out notes of vanilla and coconut.

Buddha Zen Vodka also provides the perfect mixer for Asian-themed cocktails such as a Matcha Vodka or Lychee Martini.  Find your own Nirvana in every sip of this truly spiritual spirits

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