‘World’s most valuable’ gin goes on sale for £4,000

British brand Jam Jar Gin has created the “world’s most valuable” gin, Morus LXIV, which is priced at £4,000 (US$5,167).

The “extremely limited” gin will be sold exclusively through luxury department store Harvey Nichols. The bottling is described as a “very modern expression of British luxury”. It will be available in two formats – a 700ml bottle and a 30ml bottle. Morus LXIV is distilled from the leaves of an ancient Mulberry tree and is bottled at a cask strength of 64% abv. Each leaf is hand-harvested and individually dried before being blended with botanicals and distilled. It is recommended served with a drop of water to release the full flavour of the gin, along with a “woody sweetness and intense juniper”. The gin is bottled in a handmade white porcelain jar and comes with a porcelain stirrup cup in a leather hide case. The 30ml gin, along with the stirrup cup, is priced at £200 (US$258). The 700ml bottle and stirrup cup is available for £4,000 (US$5,167). Previously, the most expensive standard-sized bottle of gin was the £2,000 Watenshi Gin, created by Cambridge Distillery using a "refined technique" that redistilled the "angel's share" of the company's Japanese Gin.