Puni’s Nova and Alba malt whiskies enter UK market

Puni – Italy’s “first and only malt whisky distillery” – has made its debut in the UK market through London-based Magnetic Brands.

Through a sales and marketing agreement, Magnetic Brands will look after Puni’s three-year-old whiskies Nova and Alba. Bottled at 43% abv, Nova is matured in ex-Bourbon barrels and finished in European virgin oak casks. It is described as a “delicate” whisky with a “gentle sweetness” and fruit flavours. Alba is matured for three years in Marsala casks from Sicily and finished in casks from Islay. Described as a “complex bouquet of candy fruits, sultanas and exotic fruits entwined with warm, reassuring, hints of smoke”. Named after the local river, the distillery lies just outside the medieval town of Glurns in the Vinschgau valley. Due to the valley’s significant seasonal temperature variations, Puni’s whiskies mature quickly and are said to acquire complex aromas at a remarkably early age. Long-term maturation then takes place in barrels located directly beneath the ‘cube’ in a converted WWII military bunker - complete with four metre wide walls, which ensure a consistent temperature and high humidity levels. As well as pure Alpine water, barley and wheat, Puni also uses locally-grown rye – including a centuries old variant – which is said to lend distinctive flavour notes to its whiskies. “Puni’s a fantastic ‘best-kept secret’ in the whisky world. Few have heard about the area, let alone the whisky – but both are a delight,” said Dave Steward of Magnetic Brands. “The family’s been determined to get everything just right – as shown by importing genuine Scottish stills and bringing over whisky experts to install them. This attention to detail, the area’s climate and unique ingredients mean these are truly special whiskies.” Puni Nova is available at an RRP of £56.00, while Puni Alba has an RRP of £69.00.