‘Modern’ vermouth receives £4,000 grant

Tait Bros Valentian Vermouth is preparing to expand its portfolio and availability after accepting a £4,000 (US$5,170) grant. 

Drinks company Pineappl, founded by brothers Dominic and David Tait, launched the new rosso vermouth in October 2019. It has been produced in Piedmont, Italy, and blends Italian fortified wine with new make spirit from a distillery in the Scottish Borders. The firm aims to move production from Italy to the Borders. According to the brand's website, the vermouth range will soon be extended with blanco and secco variants. Pineappl received funding advice from Scottish government service Business Gateway, which led to the company securing a £4,000 (US$5,170) grant from the Scottish Borders Business Fund. The funding has helped Pineappl to market and launch the new vermouth. Dominic Tait, co-founder and director of Pineappl, said: “When we approached Business Gateway, our main aim was to identify a way to increase our financial input and narrow down some areas where we lacked specific business expertise. “Business Gateway were brilliant in providing us with one-to-one business advice and funding support, which gave us the confidence and knowledge to successfully apply for funding. The Scottish Borders Business Fund grant was a crucial step when launching our product and enhancing our website and marketing capabilities.” Wilma Norris, business adviser at Business Gateway Borders, added: “It was great to work alongside Dominic and David who have such a strong connection to and passion for the Scottish drinks industry. "After two years of hard work and dedication, plus the support we were able to provide, the brothers have launched an exciting new drink and built a solid platform from which to expand in the business in the future.”