Mezcales de Leyenda launches high-end mezcals

Mezcal producer Mezcales de Leyenda has unveiled four limited edition high-end expressions that each benefit a specific social or environmental cause.

The range includes Grandes Leyendas, a 43% abv mezcal; created in honour of mezcaleros masters over the age of 70. Leyendas celebrates master Don Anastacio, who created the mezcal using wild agave cupreata from northern Guerrero. It features aromas of “mature tropical fruits, orange blossom, and light smoke”, with a “rich, unctuous” palate and notes of “bittersweet chocolate and orange peel”. Available at an RRP of US$249.99, a portion of sales proceeds of Leyendas will be donated directly to Anastacio and his family. The “first-of-its-kind” Grandes Unicos is distilled from agave montana, which grows wild in a hidden valley in the Sierra Madre Oriental in Tamaulipas. Bottled at 45% abv, it is described as having notes of “deep char and damp forest” on the nose, and flavours of “sweet menthol” with a long finish. Priced at US$499.99, a portion of sales proceeds will be donated to aid in the cultivation and conservation of the agave species. The third offering, Reservas De La Biosfera, is dedicated to important national parks in Mexico. Bottled at 47% abv, the mezcal comes from Tehuacán-Cuicatlán, in Puebla and is produced with a base of regional magueyes, agave marmorata and agave macrocantha in collaboration with the Ortega family. It features aromas of “sweet cooked agave and sea water”, and slight notes of peat. Available at an RRP of US$319.99, a portion of sales proceeds will be donated to the conservation of regional cactacea in collaboration with local groups. Bottled at 48% abv, Cementerio Mezcalero is distilled from agave americana sahuayensis. The release honours the old tradition of mezcal aged in glass generally underground, which are later unearthed for special occasions. It features aromas of “roasted chestnuts and dried fruits”, and “buttery notes and mild smoke” with a long finish. Priced at US$279.99, a portion of sales proceeds will be donated to purchase tourism equipment of Tzitzio, Michoacán to promote the ‘desentierros mezcaleros’ (mezcal unearthing) traditionally held during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. The four offerings will be available across 15 markets in the US through distributor M.S. Walker. In April this year, Mezcales de Leyenda released two new single-state variants, made from agave grown exclusively in Puebla and San Luis Potosí.