Mezcal Amarás Expands Distribution in U.S.

Mezcal De Amor S.A.P.I. De C.V., owners of Mezcal Amores in Mexico which is known in the U.S. as Mezcal Amarás, announced today that they are expanding their sales and marketing in America and have engaged MHW as its new importer.

Currently, Mezcal Amarás is distributed in 38 markets and plans to expand its footprint in current and additional markets.

“We very much appreciate the hard work from Hotaling over the last five years and their efforts to help us enter the U.S. market. With the growth and results in the U.S. so far, we have the opportunity to manage our own sales and marketing efforts,” says Santiago Suarez, co-founder and chairman of Mezcal Amarás.

Assisting Mezcal Amarás in this transition are two senior industry executives, Rob Warren (formerly with Seagram and Diageo) and Arthur Shapiro (also formerly with Seagram). Both will report to Enrique Gavica, CEO of Mezcal Amarás (formerly with Brown Forman).

“We are delighted to have these two amazing industry experts assisting in the transition of our business in the U.S.,” says Gavica. “We strongly believe their expertise and passion will help us build a sustainable platform and reach our full potential in the U.S. market.”

Amarás translates in English to “You will love.”

In addition to harvesting a variety of cultivated and wild agaves, Mezcal Amarás plants ten agaves for each one harvested, the company reports. Further, the company re-uses the agave fibers for composting and for adobe bricks. The Amarás team provides microloans and fair-trade programs for the maestros mezcaleros they work with.

Mezcal Amarás also spends 15 percent of the company’s net profit on a range of sustainability and community projects in Mexico, the company says.

“Our greatest strength is our philosophy. We are committed to continuously learning from our mezcal producing communities and preserving our trusted relationships with them,” says Suarez. “We strive to produce high quality mezcals while being as sustainable as possible. We look at our business as an inspiring project made with love and a journey to provide sustainability with a social conscience.”

The lineup includes Mezcal Verde, which uses different types of wood to produce a touch of smoke and was created especially for cocktails.

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