Mandarine Napoléon celebrates anniversary with XO edition

Dutch spirits producer De Kuyper is celebrating the 125-year anniversary of Mandarine Napoléon liqueur with the launch of a limited-edition expression containing a drop of 125-year-old Cognac.

Unveiled last night at an event in Antwerp, Belgium, Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold is made with Sicilian mandarins and 125-year-old Grande Fine Champagne Cognac. The expression is described as having a “fresh and soft” mandarin flavour with a “delicious balanced Cognac finish”. Each bottle contains a drop of Cognac from 1892 – the year Mandarine Napoléon was first available to the public. Mandarine-infused and Cognac-based, Mandarine Napoleon liqueur was first created for Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte and then rediscovered by Belgian chemist and distiller Louis Schmidt in 1892. It is distilled in the Biercée distillery in Belgium. The XO edition has been covered by hand by a goldsmith in the Netherlands with 24-carat gold, and comes in a special anniversary box made from walnut wood. The new expression is recommended served in a Napoléon Margarita, neat or on the rocks. Limited to 125 bottles, Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold is available at the price of €1892.00. In August this year, Funkin signed signed a distribution deal in the Netherlands with liqueur producer De Kuyper Royal Distillers.