Long Tail launches Hibiscus and Lemon Sour mixers

UK-based Long Tail Mixers has added two new flavours to its range, which have been created to pair with dark spirits.

Described as the “UK’s only dark spirit-focused mixer company”, Long Tail has released two new variants – Hibiscus and Lemon Sour. The flavours have been launched to “give consumers even more freedom to experiment and discover dark spirits in a new light”. “We launched Long Tail in 2018 due to a frustration with the lack of mixer options for dark spirits,” said co-founder Alex Jollivet. “We wanted to find the balance with mixers that are fresh, but not overpowering, invigorating, but not over-sweetened, and to produce drinks that harmonise with dark spirits, rather than mask their unique flavours. “As categories have grown, particularly rum and Tequila, we’ve been perfectly placed to help consumers enjoy these spirits in a new light.” Hibiscus is a blend of blackcurrants with wild hibiscus and is said to provide “earthy and floral notes” with a “bittersweet hint of clove”. It is recommended served with rums and golden Tequilas. Lemon Sour is described as a blend of “aromatic sour lemon and zesty orange notes balanced with delicate bitterness of gentian”. The bottling taps into the popularity of Whisky Sours and is also recommended paired with whisky, Bourbon, and golden Tequila. The Hibiscus and Lemon Sour mixers are available from Long Tail’s online shop for RRP £1.30 (US$1.70) per 200ml.