Lixir looks beyond gin with new tonic range

A Newcastle-based duo has launched a new tonic brand that seeks to “champion the versatility" of mixers in a variety of spirits, called Lixir.

English entrepreneurs and bartenders Jordan Palmer and Matt Mahatme created the brand after spotting a gap in the market for a tonic brand that can “reflect the quality and variety offered up by the spirits category”. The Lixir range includes five products: Classic Indian, Refreshingly Light, Elderflower & Lemon, Rhubarb & Ginger and Blood Orange & Cinnamon. The range has been designed to “encourage people to rethink the classic serve of tonic with gin”. Rhubarb & Ginger can be served alongside rum, Blood Orange & Cinnamon can be paired with Bourbon and Elderflower & Lemon can be lengthened with white wine. Lixir, which launched six months ago following a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than £16,000 (US$20,853), has achieved “rapid” expansion with export deals in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Portugal. “Our bartending experience led us to notice that whilst there were hundreds of diverse spirits available, there was a serious lack of mixers to accompany them,” said Palmer. “We therefore set out to offer something new and innovative to the market and a year later Lixir was born. “Tonic water is rarely given its due credit as a versatile mixer and we want to demonstrate how with a range of flavoured tonics you can experiment and create various drinks styles using just one bottle of spirit. “The products in the Lixir range each offer something a little different and can either serve as a subtle accompaniment or offer a more distinctive flavour to lift a spirit.” The Lixir range is currently available in bar chains in the north east of England as well as in department stores such as Fenwicks. Boutique Bar Brands is handling the UK sales of Lixir with a focus on growing the brand’s on-trade and off-trade footprints. Lixir tonics are priced at £1.30 (US$1.70) each per 200ml bottle and can be purchased online at Gin Kiosk. The range is available nationally to the trade via LWC Drinks and Bidfood.