Jodhpur Gin hits the US

Spanish drinks group Beveland Distillers has released Jodhpur Gin in the US through distributor Signature Selections.

The Jodhpur Gin range includes the core London Dry Gin, Spicy and Mandore expressions. The London Dry Gin is made with 13 Indian-inspired botanicals. The Spicy variant uses the core gin as a base, and includes chilli, white pepper and black pepper botanicals to give a “spicy and warm finish on the palate”. Released in March 2021, Mandore is made with macerations of native Indian citrus fruits. It is flavoured with fruits including bitter orange, calamansi and buddha’s hand, a fruit noted for its fragrance. Bottled at 43% ABV, the gin was created in honour of the Mandore Botanical Gardens, located on the outskirts of Jodhpur in India. Earlier this month, Beveland Distillers launched its Marama Origins rum in the States through Stoller Imports.