Glen Scotia 45 Year Old is distillery’s oldest whisky

Campbeltown distillery Glen Scotia has released its oldest expression to date, a limited edition 45-year-old single malt priced at £3,795 (US$4,890).

Limited to 160 bottles globally, Glen Scotia 45 Year Old is also “one of the most exclusive” bottlings from the distillery. It is said to reflect “the centuries of craftsmanship and experience associated with Campbeltown”. Distilled in December 1973, the whisky was filled into refill Bourbon casks on 23 December. In 2011, the spirit was re-casked into first-fill Bourbon then bottled in 2019. It is non-chill-filtered and bottled at 43.8% ABV. The expression is said to have maritime influences, with the nose presenting “bold coastal elements” and sweet notes of ripe pineapple, crisp green apple, rose and vanilla. “Glen Scotia 45-year-old is one of the most magnificent expressions to be produced by our Campbeltown distillery and we are excited that after 45 years we are now able to unveil it to the world,” said master distiller Michael Henry. “Distilled in 1973, this single malt is steeped in history and is extraordinarily rare. The liquid has been maturing in refill Bourbon casks, tucked away in our bonded warehouses, for over three decades before being finished in first-fill Bourbon. “It embodies all of the unique elements which Glen Scotia is known for, delivering a long mouth-watering finish with notes of sea salt and lime citrus. On the palate, the liquid presents caramel sweetness at first, then juicy fruit with pineapple, mango and water melon rounded by vanilla and honey.” Glen Scotia 45 Year Old is encased in a handcrafted walnut box with embossed leather lining, created by UK-based luxury packaging manufacturer Moran’s Wood Components. It contains a delicate tile engraved with the individual bottle number and tasting notes. Glen Scotia 45 Year Old is available to buy from specialist retailers, including The Whisky Shop.