Glasgow Distillery unveils Double Cherry Gin

The Glasgow Distillery Company has unveiled the first expression in its limited-edition Single Batch Spirit Series, called Double Cherry Gin.

The 'experimental' spirits range will be limited to 1,000 bottles, which will be hand-labelled at the distillery. The first expression, Double Cherry Gin, has been aged in cherry wood casks for around 10 weeks and then macerated in fresh cherries until ready to drink. Mike Hayward, brand and marketing director, said: “These products will allow consumers to have an insight into our workings here at the distillery. “We are constantly coming up with new ideas for products, and new ways to improve and alter our existing products. “The Single Batch Series takes our experiments, bottles our ideas and gives it to the public for a chance to have their say on what they like and what they don’t.” Double Cherry Gin is available exclusively from the distillery at an RRP of £25.00 (US$34.90). In 2016, The Glasgow Distillery Company unveiled the second release in its Prometheus series, called Prometheus 27 Year Old.