Few Cold Cut combines coffee and Bourbon

Nov 27, 2019by Melita Kiely

US producer Few Spirits has taken its cask strength Bourbon and reduced the ABV to bottling strength using cold brew coffee for its latest expression: Few Cold Cut.

To make Few Cold Cut, cask strength Few Bourbon is mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled at the Few distillery before the cold brew coffee is added. Tasting notes for Few Cold Cut include aromas of roasted coffee, with flavours of cinnamon, corn sweetness, oak and hints of coffee on the palate. The addition of cold brew coffee is said to reduce the astringency of the whiskey. Paul Hletko, Few Spirits founder and master distiller, said: “We’ve seen lots of integrations of coffee and cold brew in the spirits space, from coffee liqueurs to coffee-flavoured products. “Few Cold Cut is completely different. Typically when Bourbon comes out of the barrel at cask strength, it’s cut, or ‘proofed’, to bottling strength with water. “We wondered what would happen if we swapped out some of that water for cold brew coffee. The answer? Layers upon layers of flavour and nuance that’s absolute magic.” Bottled at 46.5% ABV, 1,000 cases of Few Cold Cut will be launched across the US this month (November), priced at RRP US$44.99-US$51.99 per 750ml bottle. It will also be available online via reservebar.com.