Cotswolds Distillery creates whisky liqueur

English producer The Cotswolds Distillery has unveiled the first expression in its new range of amaro-inspired whisky-based liqueurs.

Cotswolds Amaro No 1 is the first in the new Cotswolds Amaro Whisky Liqueurs range and is made with the distillery’s flagship single malt and a blend of botanicals including vanilla, citrus and spice. The new liqueur is described as having pronounced herbal and floral notes. The nose brings hints of peach with bitter black tea and orange citrus fruit. While the palate is “thick and creamy” with vanilla and bitter marmalade notes, and floral with a hint of spiced honey. The range is inspired by Italian herbal liqueur amaro, which is usually enjoyed as an after-dinner drink. According to the distillery, amaro (Italian for 'bitter’) is traditionally produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, bark and citrus elements in either spirit or wine (or sometimes both), before being sweetened with caramel or sugar. It also has a typical alcohol content of between 16% and 40%. “I have always loved amaro and wanted to create Cotswolds Distillery’s own amaro liqueur,” said Daniel Szor, Cotswolds Distillery founder. "The vanilla, spice and citrus complement our single malt whisky and we hope our delicious digestif will become a favourite after-dinner drink”. Bottled at 40% ABV, Cotswolds Amaro No 1 is recommended served chilled or over ice as a digestif. The second expression in the Amaro Whisky Liqueurs range will launch in autumn 2020. Cotswolds Amaro No 1 is priced at £34.95 (US$42.60) for a 500ml bottle and is available to buy online from the distillery’s website from Saturday (16 May) to coincide with World Whisky Day.