Branca USA to import Stravecchio Branca brandy

Nov 19, 2019by Owen Bellwood

Fratelli Branca has launched Stravecchio Branca brandy in the US through Branca USA, the first release under the firm's New York-based importer.

Stravecchio Branca will be distributed in the region through Branca USA, which launched earlier this year to import Fratelli Branca’s products into the country. The Italian brandy was first distilled by the Milan-based producer in 1888. Its production begins with eau de vie made from trebbiano grapes that has been aged for one year. Fratelli Branca then matures the eau de vie for a further four to five years in oak casks, before it is left to rest for two to three months in the company’s botte madre – a large barrel made from Slovenian oak that is referred to as the "oak mother barrel". Bottled at 40% ABV, Stravecchio Branca has a rich, golden amber hue with a floral, softly sweet nose. On the palate it has flavours of dried fruit, apple and tea, plus soft tannins and notes of almond from the wood. The Italian brandy will be available to purchase in stores nationwide and through online retailers priced at US$39.99 per one-litre bottle. Earlier this year, Fratelli Branca appointed Steve Brecher as chief executive officer of Branca USA.