Barrell Craft Spirits Releases 2021 Gray Label Bourbon

In time for National Bourbon Heritage Month, Barrell Craft Spirits has unveiled its 2021 BCS Gray Label Bourbon.

The 2021 Gray Label is a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys matured for 15 years and bottled in Kentucky. It includes whiskeys sourced from IN, KY and TN.

The proof is 100.4, cask strength.

It features an oak-forward nose and a honey-brülée palate that “reveals the lushness of the grain,” the company says. Minerality yields to candied scents, and then savory earthy ones, fruity aromas, and finally herbs and spices. The bright palate is sweet with tastes of cola, with notes of allspice, fennel seed, peppermint and red fruit. The finish is dry, with notes of tobacco, walnut and iced coffee.

Barrell Craft Spirits 2021 Gray Label Bourbon has a suggested retail price of $250 per 750-ml. bottle. It is available at retailers nationwide and online

This follows the recent release of Barrell Bourbon Batch 30.

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