Baileys unveils strawberries and cream liqueur

Diageo has launched a limited-edition strawberries and cream flavour of its Baileys Irish cream liqueur brand in the US.

Baileys Strawberry & Cream is described as combining a “ripe” strawberry flavour with the “luxurious taste” of Irish cream found in Baileys. Bottled at 17% abv, the expression is recommended served over ice or added to dessert recipes, such as strawberry shortcake. Baileys Strawberry & Cream is available across the US from February until April 2018. The expression is priced at US$24.99 for a 750ml bottle. In February last year, Diageo removed beeswax from its gluten-free and dairy-free Baileys Almande liqueur recipe to grant it “certified vegan” status in the US.

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