Averna marks 150th anniversary with new amaro

Gruppo Campari is celebrating the 150th anniversary of amaro brand Averna with the launch of a new aged expression.

Averna Riserva Don Salvatore is made with the same "ancient" recipe used for the original Averna and is aged in grappa barrique barrels for 18 months to produce a “rich Mediterranean bouquet”. The oak barrel is said to “awaken the deepest dried-fruits and resin notes of the original herbal infusion to deliver a velvety warmth on top of the signature Averna”. Created by master blender Pietro Fici, the expression pays homage to the “renowned craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit” of Don Salvatore Averna, who was offered the “secret” recipe in 1868. Fra’ Girolamo, a Benedictine monk of Abbazia Di Santo Spirito, rewarded Salvatore Averna’s commitment to the community with the gift. According to legend, the Benedictine monks had been crafting Averna using a mix of secret ingredients, only known to include the essential oils of Sicilian bitter orange and lemons, and pomegranate peels. To this day, the recipe “remains a closely guarded secret” and is produced on a historical site in Caltanissetta, Sicily. A limited edition label has also been created to mark the anniversary. The label design, created by Sicilian artist Alice Valenti, depicts the moment 150 years ago that the recipe was presented to Don Salvatore Averna. The visual narration of the story is set on an ochre background – a colour matching the sandstone associated with the Caltanissetta area – with decorative detail inspired by Sicilian iconography to frame the scene. Andrea Neri, managing director for Italian icons and gin at Campari Group, said: “Sharing the story of Averna’s heritage, its essence and quality, in such a welcoming and authentic way during this momentous year perfectly summarises everything that is at the heart of Averna and Sicily as its home. “Our rich heritage is embedded in a story of family, passion and generosity, and it perfectly set the stage for a year of collaborations and launches that we are thrilled to now share with the world. We are very proud of Averna’s authentic legacy and raise a toast to the next 150 years as we celebrate everything that is known and loved about the iconic amaro.”