Angostura Denies Claims That Their Rum Brands Are Under Audit

The distiller Angostura issued a statement this week saying that “the integrity of Angostura’s international branded rums is not under audit.”

Written by Genevieve Jodhan, CEO Acting of Angostura Holdings Ltd, the message was in response to recent controversy over whether the company was accurately portraying the age of the rum in their bottles. According to a news report from the Albany Times Union, there was a concern this week that “the Trinidad & Tobago distiller has been buying bulk rum from Cuba and South America and simply repackaging it, without substantial chan­ges, and selling it to export markets, according to an investigation of company documents.

Such an action would be a breach of the European Union’s rules of origin with regard to rum blending inte­grity, and raises questions about Angostura’s age claims for its rum”

In response, Jodhan wrote, “All our international branded rum products are aged and meet international standards.”

The company is ISO-certified, which allows its products to enter export markets, Jodhan added, while Angostura also uses the official standard for Caribbean rums — the West Indian Rum Producers Association’s (WIRSPA) Authentic Caribbean Rum —marquee for all its branded aged rums, “guaranteeing age claims made.”

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