Angel’s Envy bottles its oldest Bourbon

Bacardi-owned Angel’s Envy Bourbon has released its oldest expression to date, a limited edition 10-year-old finished in Port wine barrels.

The new Bourbon is the second expression in the brand’s Cellar Collection. The 55.8% ABV expression undergoes an extended finishing process for 10 months in tawny Port barrels. On the nose, the Bourbon is said to have notes of dry fruit and oak, while the palate presents notes of “black pepper, toasted nuts, clove and delicate cinnamon spice, along with a hint of dried apricot”. The finish is “reminiscent of dried fruit dipped in dark chocolate”. "My dad always used to say 'taste is never an accident' and when we first started dreaming up what Angel's Envy could be, we knew we wanted to explore and push the boundaries of Bourbon," said Wes Henderson, Angel’s Envy chief innovation officer and co-founder. “Our tawny Port finish embodies exactly that. When you combine the mellow finish from the tawny Port barrels with the profile of our 10-year-old Bourbon, you get a richness and complexity that I think our fans will really enjoy." There are a limited number of bottles available to members of the Angel’s Envy 500 Main platform ahead of its release to the public. To sign up for 500 Main, visit: Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Tawny Port Wine Barrels is limited to 5,400 bottles. It will be available to buy from 8 February at select US retailers in Kentucky, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Tennessee, as well as at the Angel’s Envy distillery. The Bourbon is priced at US$249.99 per 750ml. In February 2019, Angel’s Envy unveiled its first new expression in six years – a limited edition Bourbon finished in oloroso Sherry casks.