Alcohol-free Kolibri expands with CBD cocktails

Health food chain Holland & Barrett has added two CBD-infused expressions to its non-alcoholic bottled cocktail range Kolibri.

The Kolibri range launched in October 2019 with three variants: Chilli & Cardamom, Strawberry & Basil and Elderflower & Lime. The latest expressions to join the range are Kolibri CBD Dark Forest and Kolibri CBD Citrus Grove. Dark Forest is described as a “ripe, dark berry blend with woody, smoky notes balanced by an intense profile of pine and black pepper”. It is recommended served over ice or at room temperature and garnished with dark berries. The “zesty” Citrus Grove is said to be a blend of “sharp curaçao, dried fruits and rich goji berry with a long, bitter and herbaceous finish”. It can be enjoyed over ice or at room temperature with a slice of orange. The bottlings have launched amid “growing consumer interest” in the cannabidiol (CBD) market. Holland & Barrett said the demand for “CBD-infused lifestyle choices has never been higher” in the UK. Google data cited by the retailer showed that searches for ‘CBD drink’ are at their highest rate in 500 years – a rise of almost 300% compared to 2018. Like the rest of the Kolibri range, the CBD variants come with a patented cap, but instead of containing syrup they hold 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD to allow drinkers to control their own dosage. The CBD has been developed with a Colorado-based laboratory to ensure its quality and efficiency has been tested and meets all regulations. Kamila Sitwell, founder of Kolibri Drinks, said: “Kolibri was created to excite the mindful consumers – the flavour-seeking friends who are either choosing to cut back on alcohol or and those who are already enjoying the CBD experience but not its current formats of tinctures and pills. “The benefits of separating the CBD from the drink not only gives the consumer control through our patented micro-dosage cap, but it preserves the potency of the CBD so that consumers experience its full potential – ensuring that the standardised, pre-formulation drinks approach to drinks stays in decades past.” The expressions are free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and come packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. Kolibri CBD Dark Forest and Citrus Grove are priced at £5.99 (US$7.80) each per 300ml bottle.