Adnams redesigns vodka and gin bottles

Suffolk-based brewer and distiller Adnams has unveiled new bottle designs for its Longshore Triple Malt Vodka and First Rate Triple Malt Dry Gin brands.

The new designs reflect the spirits’ coastal provenance, featuring seaside icons including seagulls and sailing boats. The bottles also feature a glass closure and copper foil accents to replicate the colour of the spirits stills and a nod to the distillery’s name, Adnams Copper House Distillery. The recipes of the Longshore Vodka and First Rate Gin have also been given a new abv of 45%. Adnams marketing director, Emma Hibbert said: “We have been distilling for almost seven years and the popularity of our spirit range goes from strength to strength. “The new vibrant and refreshing designs really reflect Adnams’ modern, unique approach to distilling and business as a whole. And, most importantly, when grouped together the new bottles really standout on shelf and in bars.”  The new packaging follows the rebrand of Adnam's East Coast Single Malt Vodka and Copper House Gin brands. Adnams Longshore Triple Malt Vodka is available at £30.99 and Adnams First Rate Triple Malt Dry Gin is available at £31.99. The newly-designed spirits are available to buy from selected retailers, Adnams stores and online. In March this year, Adnams witnessed 66% volume sales growth in its spirits business last year after tripling distilling capacity.