Stoli debuts 80th anniversary vodka

SPI Group is celebrating the 80th year of its vodka brand Stolichnaya with the launch of a limited edition expression – made from wheat, rye and buckwheat.

Making its debut at the TFWA World Exhibition and Conference in Cannes last week, Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary vodka combines notes of “spicy aniseed, vanilla and crème caramel with a delicate texture, a rich sweetness and a light, dry finish”. The rye used adds a dimension of taste and character, while the buckwheat is said to add a level of “creamy smoothness” to the final spirit. Stoli CEO Hugues Pietrini said: “To celebrate our 80th Anniversary we set ourselves a challenge: could we create a limited edition vodka that combines this unsurpassed smoothness with a little of the character of a 1938 vodka? After countless distillations, we arrived at a winning liquid and a major innovation: Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary, a vodka made from wheat, rye and buckwheat.” “Travellers are continuing to treat airport shopping as an opportunity to ‘trade up’ and to try something new and unique. Travel retail is the perfect environment for limited editions such as Stolichnaya 80th Anniversary Vodka and TFWA World Exhibition the perfect platform to showcase this highly original collector’s item.” The anniversary bottling is presented with a unique bottle closure, a two-part front label printed on specially prepared craft paper and a presentation box. It is recommended enjoyed mixed in a long drink, in a vodka cocktail or served neat. In July this year, SPI Group partnered with Universal Pictures to feature its Stolichnaya Vodka brand in action spy film Atomic Blondestarring Charlize Theron.